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7 steps to keep your home cleaner longer

Posted: January 04, 2019 by Anna Jotham

Let’s be real. After working all week, chauffeuring kids all over the place, and cooking and cleaning up dinner every night, the last thing most of us want to do on the weekend is clean our homes. But after helping thousands of people sell their homes over the past 11 years, we’ve gathered a few pro tips that will help you keep your house in clean show-ready state, even when you’re not trying to sell it.


Tips for keeping a tidy house.

While nothing beats a thorough deep clean, following these seven steps will help you keep your home cleaner longer.


#1 Purge, so you have a place for everything.

Cleaning is much easier when clutter is controlled, plus it makes it easier to see and access the surfaces where dirt and dust settle. When you reduce clutter, you have a place for everything you actually need in your home, making it a lot easier to keep rooms tidy.

#2 Create a system for taking things from floor to floor.

Another way to clear clutter if you have multiple floors to your home is to keep a basket at the base and/or top of each set of stairs. As you come across items that belong on the next floor up or down, put them in the basket and then never go up or down the stairs empty-handed.


Tips for keeping a cleaner house

#3 Keep mini cleaning bins near wherever you use them.

It’s a lot easier to put off wiping down a dirty bathroom sink if all your cleaning supplies are in your basement. But if cleaning supplies are readily accessible, you can have that sink sparkling clean in less than 30 seconds. Place all-purpose cleaner, cloths and scrub brushes in small caddies and leave one wherever you might need to do a quick cleanup. Bathrooms, kitchens and wet bars are all good places to start, and be sure to have at least one placed on each floor of your home.

#4 Use automatic cleaners for showers and windows.

Sometimes it helps to take a little time to browse the cleaning aisles of your favorite discount store. That’s where you can spot nifty new inventions like automatic shower cleaners and rain repellant products. A simple spritz after each shower can keep your shower clean for weeks at a time, and a simple drop-in once a month can keep your toilet stain-free too.

It doesn’t stop there. If you’ve ever driven through a car wash, you’ve likely appreciated that rain-repellant solution applied to your windshield. Why limit that to your car? The same products can work on your home’s windows as well. For starters, check out products like Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent; just be sure to keep them clear of nearby vinyl and aluminum surfaces.

#5 Never go to bed with a dirty floor.

That doesn’t mean you need to stay up a couple extra hours every night vacuuming and scrubbing floors. It does mean investing in a good multi-surface robotic floor cleaner. Simply set it to run across all heavily-trafficked floor areas every evening once your household settles down. Doing so will let you wake up to clean floors every morning and increase the amount of time you can go between professional cleanings.


Tips for keeping dirt and dust to a minimum.

#6 Control dust by controlling your home’s humidity.

Set your home’s relative humidity to between 40 and 50 percent to keep the indoor air fresh and clean. The lower humidity level will help prevent dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Keep in mind, you may want to go a bit lower during winter months to prevent window condensation but go too low, and you’ll have static electricity everywhere.

#7 Doormats provide entry to a clean home.

We say double up when it comes to doormats. Place a bristly doormat at every exterior entrance to your home to catch mud, slush and other icky substances you want to leave outside. Inside the entrances, place a decorative but absorbent mat to catch remaining water and another mat or basket for storing shoes while in the house.


Easy daily habits keep your home shiny clean without a lot of time.

The beautiful thing about these seven steps is that you can easily turn them into habits that you don’t even need to think about once you get into the groove.

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